The Floor Coach, Visual learning at its best.

The best minor hockey ``pre-game`` teaching tool on the market!
Players become more involved and understand positional, as well as tactical play just by utilizing this great teaching tool.

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About The Floor Coach

This Patent Pending System was designed to Capture the attention and promote input and dialog between coaches and players of all ages. The Floor Coach is a large and interactive tool created to ensure all players can see the plays and positions without looking across a room at a dry erase board or coaches board that in most cases, are supplied by the arena, bolted on an end wall, and full of permanent marker! Simply unroll the Floor Coach in the middle of the dressing room and start teaching!


Lightweight & Easy to Travel

The Floor Coach rolls up nicely inside its durable, expandable plastic carry tube. All pieces, easily transported, ready for your pre-game speech.

Visually Awesome

The Floor Coach is an amazing visual teaching tool. At a whopping 72" x 36", this is large enough for every player to see without straining at a small white board across a dressing room.

Super Fast Retention

Our brain remembers 80% of what it sees compared to 20% of what it hears! Now every player can watch the plays unfold in plain site.

Player Interaction = Retention

Get every player involved, have them move the position pucks simply by turning their stick upside down!

A great way to get your team involved and interactive! The kids love donating their stick to the coach to use.

Players become more involved and understand positional play as well as tactical play just by utilizing this great teaching tool. Visual learning at its best.

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The Floor Coach System has helped coaches all over Ontario get their message through by providing a large interactive platform for learning.


Started using this system about 3 years ago...the kids loved it. Was large enough for everyone to see from pretty much anywhere in the dressing room.

Nick DeGaust


Our team used this product this year. We were Novice, kids loved volunteering their sticks to use. They got involved and the staff noticed they paid mre attention to some of the ideas we were teaching.

Jamie Johnston


We used this product all season. Where it came in very handy was during our away tournaments...we got the team together and rolled it out in the hotel room. Was great to go over tactics for the next day.

Carl Anson


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36" x 72" Floor Coach

Expandable plastic carry tube

1 set of generic position player pucks

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36" x 72" Floor Coach

Expandable plastic carry tube

1 set of generic position player pucks

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The Floor Coach System weights approximately 3 pounds. It is easily carried into arenas.

Yes. We are currently working on a number of other sports that the Floor Coach can be used with. Check back regularly for updates on when we will be launching the new systems.

Yes. There is a price point for everyone whether it is purchasing one or hundreds.

Currently we are able to customize only bulk orders. Orders over 10 units can be customized. We can print your team logo at the center of the Floor Coach. Contact us for details.

Use the form below to contact us. We will gladly answer any questions you have.

    Coaches Boards and Dry Erase Boards A thing Of The Past!

    The Floor Coach system will allow you to toss those dry erase boards away! Our system will generate a buzz in the dressing room and the players love to get involved. If you are in the market for a better hockey coaches board or a hockey dry erase board, then look no further.